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Joshua Tree Elopement Guide

Joshua Tree Elopement Guide

If you are planning an adventurous/ epic experience for your elopement whether that be just you and your lover, or you and your closest friends and family and you think Joshua Tree, California might be for you, then this guide is perfect for you to check out.

A Joshua Tree Elopement makes for a BEAUTIFUL experience. There are so many plus sides to getting eloped in Joshua Tree. For example: saving money on a wedding venue, the amazing desert scenery, and of course we can’t forget the mind blowing sunsets are 10/10. 

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to get eloped in Joshua Tree!

  • Joshua Tree Permits + Marriage License
  • When to Elope in Joshua Tree based on your weather preference
  • Location options to have your Joshua Tree Elopement
  • And if you’re looking for an elopement photographer you’ll find my starting rates at the bottom!

Joshua Tree Elopement Guide

Everything you need to know about eloping in Joshua Tree, CA.

Joshua Tree is located in Southern California, and it has so many incredible views. It’s located east of Palm Springs, and around 2 hours from LA. I’ve created this Joshua Tree Elopement Guide as a free resource to help you decide if Joshua Tree, CA is the perfect fit for your elopement day. Personally, I think it’s incredible- but let’s get started!

How to elope in Joshua Tree, CA.

  1. Choose the best location for you two, whether that’s in Joshua Tree National Park, Pioneertown, or an airbnb in the area.
  2. Apply for your marriage license, which you can do here! You will need an appointment.
  3. If you’re getting eloped in the park, you will need a permit! Which you can obtain here! Your photographer will also need to obtain a permit too, which if you book with me I cover my part! Contact me here, through my form!
  4. Plan all the things you’d like to see on your elopement day, and all the things you’d like to do.
  5. And lastly, get ready for your elopement day!

This Joshua Tree Elopement Guide shares the best time of year to elope in Joshua Tree, CA.

In this Joshua Tree Elopement Guide, I want to make sure I don’t miss a single question you might have! Joshua Tree summers can be pretty toasty, with temperatures reaching more than 100 degrees. July is the hottest month of the year, and December is the coldest with average high temps of 59 degrees. Below I’ll attach a chart of average temps in the Joshua Tree area throughout the year, click here to see more as well concerning whether.

Joshua Tree Elopement Guide

Eloping in Joshua Tree National Park

When you’re eloping in the park, you’ll also need to pay for your entrance into the park which is $30. There’s also an annual pass, which is $55. Lastly, you can purchase an annual national park pass to get into all national parks for the year for $80. So if you plan to park hop at all during your elopement trip, definitely consider that last option.

Here are some amazing locations inside the park that are options for where to elope

According to the parks permit website, the following locations are available for wedding and elopement ceremonies with 25 people or less:

-Hidden Valley Picnic Area (not permitted in March–May)
-Quail Springs Picnic Area (not permitted in March–May)
-Cap Rock
-Live Oak
-Split Rock
-Rattlesnake Picnic Area

Airbnb’s in/ near the Joshua Tree area

There are so many amazing airbnbs, but here are a few I’ll list for you below! Also, keep in mind if you want to do your ceremony at your Airbnb you do need to get that approved by the host beforehand.

  1. This first airbnb is midcentury-modern and desert-chic in a dreamy and serene setting, and it has a pool plus incredible views. Click here to check it out!
Joshua Tree Elopement guide
  • 2. This second airbnb has an artisan desert getaway vibe, with modern and natural design throughout with a retro throwback vibe. Click here to check it out!
  • 3. This airbnb is transformative retreat space with breathless sunsets, 360 mountain views and endless stars as you soak in the cedar hot tub under the vast desert sky. Click here to check it out!

Camping in Joshua Tree

There are a lot of places you can camp in the national park, and you can actually reserve it 6 months ahead of time. Click here to see the many camping spots/ options in the park. Camping is anywhere from $15-25 per night.

This Joshua Tree Elopement Guide also shares AN ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOUR SPECIAL DAY?

I’m Brooke, the girl behind the blog, I wrote this blog and I’m also an elopement photographer! Click here to reach out, because I’d love to document your amazing day!

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