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Keeping you wild

you are a collection of all the love letters I have written //

let's create some cinematic imagery

I'm a firm believer that love can be like the movies and the novels, but I guess others may call me a hopeless romantic.. which also may be why I'm still single.. LOL all jokes aside I love capturing couples in their element. What's beautiful to me is that no story is the same. I'm from Indiana, but I'm now based in Florida the sunshine state. I love to travel, and if your love story took me to let's say Ireland I wouldn't be mad about it. I'll forever be grateful for photography because it's helped me create some amazing connections with incredible people, and explore places I never would've dreamed I'd see. So let's explore together, and capture the photos of my dreams.. and yours too.

xx your new photographer for life <3

Inspired by:

connection / old film photos / 
HARDBACK novels / sunset on the coast /
local coffee shops / music on a ROAD TRIP

Fall in love with someone who feels like the                                 on a cold january morning, but soothes your heart like the cool waters of the sea on the                              

warmth of the sun

hottest day of June

Let's photograph your elopement somewhere epic;

My dream locations

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Banff Canada

Swiss Alps


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