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How to Elope

How to elope

Are you considering eloping, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Well, if so you’ve come to the right place! You’ve probably seen elopements on the rise and now it’s crossed your mind.. “how would I elope?” This is where I come in! The first question you’ll need to ask yourself is WHERE you want to elope. 

Where to Elope?

Picture the most perfect day to you two, and decide do you picture getting eloped by clear blue ocean waters, do you see city views, or maybe you’re hiking along a mountain? Once you have that answer you can start searching for the perfect location.

Tips to narrowing down the perfect location:

If you’re not sure this is where exactly based on that, you can make a list and narrow down the pros and cons. Travel fees, finding the best elopement photographer for you *hint hint, click here to inquire with me*, and any laws for eloping in the state of your choosing. Sometimes you need a license, and this is something that should be looked into asap. Also, some states require there to be witnesses and some states don’t!

Some states require certain documents, so ALWAYS look into this once you’ve narrowed down where you’re planning to tie the knot!

Another way to help figure out where to elope is determining if you want to stick to a certain budget!

I always recommend booking travel and finding any vendors you’ll want in advance. This could save you money, and the sooner you book your vendors the more possibility they’ll be available, and also LESS STRESS when you get things done ahead of time and that’s always a plus!

I will say, when most people elope they’re more open to date suggestions- this will be great when booking vendors because you can work together on a date that’s perfect for both of you.

Usually the hardest part of eloping is having to tell your family and close friends. Now depending on your photographer the amount of people involved in your elopement could be different. 

The difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding:

Some photographers consider an elopement only you two, and whoever’s officiating your elopement. While others say 10 guests or less. So make sure you ask your photographer, if you are wanting any guests. The reason being this could completely change the photography package you’ve selected with them. 

Hiring a photographer and videographer is important when eloping, because now you have a way of sharing it with your family and friends, and not only that but you’ll be able to look back on this memory forever. If you’re looking for an elopement photographer, click here I’d love to be considered!

Want to elope somewhere you haven’t been, that’s completely okay! This is where hiring a planner would be perfect, they can do all the planning and you can sit back and relax STRESS FREE, they’ll run their ideas by you. Some elopement photographers can actually help in the planning process as well, such as myself!


NEXT, once you’ve determined where. Think about attire!

If you’re hiking or walking a lengthy amount, a poofy dress and heels may not be for you. If you’re getting married on the beach, shoes may be a no. Remember to keep these things in mind once you’ve figured out your dream location. Here are two guides that can help with planning your attire for your elopement! What I love is that elopements are very untraditional, meaning you can wear whatever YOU want not what everyone would expect you to wear! What feels most like you.

This next guide not only gives inspiration, but also gives links to highly recommended places, and also advice when searching for the perfect fit!

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